5 Benefits of Studying Online Compared to a Face-to-Face Classroom

Are you considering signing up for an online course but you are not sure how it will turn out? If so, read on to find out how studying online can be beneficial. People take face-to-face classes all their lives and studying online can scare many at the beginning. In fact, it can even scare those who are tech-savvy.

Just like anything else, online learning has its limitations. However, the good thing is that the benefits of online learning outweigh the limitations. Online learning is regarded as one of the greatest revolutions in today’s education. Here are the major benefits of studying online from Brighton School of Business and Management.

1. Career Advancement and Hobbies

Online learning gives its learners more flexibility. You can work while taking an online course since such a course can fit any work schedule and lifestyle. This is especially true if you take an asynchronous class which enables you to learn at your own pace as you don’t have to log in at a particular time for a live session. With the asynchronous class, you will interact with your instructor and your fellow classmates in your own time.

A discussion forum is often one of the best ways to interact when it comes to studying online. According to a survey carried out by The Learning House, 44% of online students said that online learning improved their employment standing as they were able to get a full-time job 12 months after graduating while 45% of them said that their salaries increased after graduation. Studying online will help you gain more work experience and enable you to advance in your career.

2. Flexible Schedule and Environment

One good thing about online learning is the fact that you get to select your own learning environment. This means that you will be able to choose an environment that works for you: be it your study, your bedroom, your local gym or a café across the street.

In fact, it is possible to listen to your instructor’s lecture podcast while running on the treadmill! With an online course, you do not have to commute to class meaning that you will spend more time studying on your couch instead of spending it travelling to class. By taking an online course, you will not have to worry about missing an important class or driving in the snowstorm.

3. Lower Costs and Debts

Studying online is cheaper than taking face-to-face classes as you will not have to pay for housing (which costs between £10,000 and £12,000 annually) and transportation. This can lower the costs associated with learning and help you save a lot of money.

4. Self-discipline and Responsibility

Having to be more self-disciplined is not a disadvantage as some people believe. It is a fact that online learning requires more time management skills and self-motivation than face to face learning as you will spend a lot of time on your own without having a person physically close reminding you to focus on deadlines.

Apart from teaching you poetry or geology, your online course will help you develop your self-motivation, a trait that can make you unique in your workplace and beyond. It will also look great on your résumé.

5. Many Course Topics to Choose From

When looking for a course to study, you will have to consider your interest, career opportunities and where to study. This can limit the choice of courses or subjects to take.

However, with online learning, this is not a problem as it enables you to study at your own convenience hence helping you avoid worrying about class location when selecting what to learn next. Taking an online course enables you to focus on the subjects you are interested in and give you many online courses and programmes to choose from.

Studying online is beneficial in many ways. Once you enrol into an online course and choose a course you are interested in, you will realise that online learning offers the 5 benefits I have listed in this article and many more.

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