5 Reasons To Choose A Luxury Serviced Apartment

Serviced luxury apartments provide a great way to cut down on expenses and cost 40% less for 3 nights as compared to booking a 4-star hotel offering equivalent services. Money-savings is just one of the many benefits that come with choosing a managed apartment. Serviced apartments provide the ideal accommodation solution for anyone looking a place they can do more than just sleep, but live. Many people, tourists, and business executives travelling in London and other major cities in the United Kingdom today prefer serviced luxury apartments to 4-star hotels.

What Are Serviced Apartments?

A serviced apartment is a form of accommodation that features a kitchen, bedroom, and other facilities found in a typical home, and can be booked on a per-night basis. The apartments get maid service at least once a week. While you can make bookings for a single night, bookings can extend from one day to several days or a week, with the rates reducing as the length of your stay increases. These come in different types and styles.

The Different Serviced Apartment Styles

Serviced apartments come in different styles ranging from an open plan 1 bedroom (studios), 1, 2, and 3-bedroom apartments. 2- and 3-bedroom apartments are commonly preferred for individuals who wish to share the apartment and to save some money in the process. These apartments come with a bathroom per bedroom with an ensuite for 2-bedroom apartments. Other facilities available in these apartments include a kitchen and dining facilities. The apartments meet the highest standards possible, and almost always matches the client’s expectations. Here are some of the reasons you too should consider a serviced apartment instead.

1. Self-Catering

In other words, a serviced apartment enables you to prepare your favourite meals, hence a reason to avoid the full-fat expensive restaurant foods. In addition to this, you get full access to the dining table where you can enjoy your meal or cup of coffee while working on your laptop or doing some paperwork. Hotel restaurants are almost always deserted. Although you might be alone in the serviced apartment, it will be just like being at home where you enjoy the freedom.

2. It Is A Lot Different from A Hotel Bedroom

Food in restaurants and drinks in the hotel minibars can be expensive. They can get overcrowded at times making it almost impossible to have a decent conversation with a client. Nevertheless, a serviced apartment offers you the freedom of a full-sized fridge which you can keep your drinks in. In addition to this, you can entertain clients and guests at the dining table as well without any distractions or breaking the budget.

3. It Is A Home Away from Home

One thing you already know about hotel rooms is that you have to check out every morning for housekeeping. This means you only live out of your suitcase, which can be tiring at times. A serviced apartment however offers quite the opposite. With a serviced apartment, you can walk in and out of the apartment without worrying about the housekeeper. You also get plenty of room to do whatever you wish to do hence never have to live out of your suitcase. 7-day serviced apartments are also much cheaper as compared to a 4—night stay in a hotel.

4. It Offers More Space and Entertaining

As you might have guessed, you have the entire apartment space all by yourself. You can, therefore, use the space to work on your project without paying extra for hotel meeting rooms. You can also use the separate dining room as a project file room, where you can work late at night without worrying about late hours. No bookings are required when holding a meeting in the serviced apartment as well.

5. Single Point of Contact for Any Stay

Booking a serviced apartment is relatively easier as compared to a hotel room. This is because you only get to deal with one contact for all bookings. This provides convenience and flexibility, especially when making reservations for a team.

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