Are You Eligible for Claiming for Your Uniform and Tools?

In case you are working as a tradesman then you must be eligible for claiming the compensation for your tools used and also your uniform cost. Let us find out at what flat rate, you can claim expenses related to tax relief for your uniform clothing and tools, in case you are an employee.

All work-related expenses or flat rate expenses, can be tax relief that you can get if you have spent money on tools and equipment used for your job.

They are known as flat rate expenses as you may either claim the following:

  • The actual amount
  • Standard flat rate

In case you prefer to claim actual amount then you will need to maintain all receipts.

In case you are self-employed then there can be separate rules for expenses.

How to check whether you are eligible for expenses claim

There is a table to find the exact amount of Tool tax rebate that you can claim in case your occupation or industry is shown in table.

In case the table does not show your occupation or industry then apply the online tool for checking whether you are eligible to claim tax relief which is standard £60 in a year, for covering the cost of maintaining and replacing protective or specialist clothing.

What tax relief you may claim on

You may claim tax relief related to following expenses:

  • Uniforms
  • Protective clothing required for your work
  • Small tools

However, you cannot claim for tax relief on your everyday clothing even if you are wearing it for your work.

Small tools

For all cost for replacement or repair of small tools, you are eligible for claiming tax relief, e.g.:

  • Spanners in case you are a mechanic
  • Trowels in case you are a plasterer
  • Scissors in case you are a hairdresser

Protective clothing

You may also claim tax relief related to the cost of replacement, repairing or cleaning of protective or specialist clothing, e.g.

  • Overalls
  • Protective boots
  • Hard hats


A uniform will be a set of special clothing which is recognisable for identifying someone as working in a particular occupation, e.g. police or nurse uniforms.

It may not include those employees who may wear clothing of similar colour or design, e.g. any bank that wants to promote the corporate image by asking all counter staff people to wear any shirt or blouse as per the corporate colours.

Midwives and nurses only may claim for replacing their socks, shoes and underwear.

You may claim tax relief in case you wash your uniform provided to you by the employer, however you cannot claim in case your employer provides you any laundering service but you prefer to wash your uniform all by yourself.

If costs of all your expenses paid by the employer

In case your employer pays for all these expenses for you then you cannot claim any tax relief.

In case they do not pay for all your expenses, then use the table and check:

  1. Check whether your occupation is in the list for that industry.
  2. Check whether your industry is in the list.
  3. If both of them are listed, then check the amount of deduction entitlement for you.
  4. Deduct the amount that was paid by the employer from your deduction amount that you are entitled to.

This is how you can claim your tax relief amount.

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