Author Marco Carestia Reveals the Science of the Okinawa Diet

Pavia, Italy – Oct. 1, 2018 – Author Marco Carestia announced the release of his new book, “Okinawa Diet: The Longevity Secret.” Available on Amazon in a paperback and Kindle edition, Carestia provides readers with an in-depth analysis of the Okinawa diet, its benefits, and the impact it has on lifespan.

“The Okinawa diet is one of the healthiest diets in the world,” said Carestia. “Coupled with exercise, the diet enables the Okinawans to have a long lifespan.”

The Okinawa diet is based on the everyday eating habits of the residents of Okinawa, a population with the largest number of centenarians in the world, along with low rates of cancer and cardiovascular disease. Carestia provides readers with a detailed examination of the primary differences between the eating habits of Okinawans as compared to individuals in the West and other developed countries.

Carestia details how the Okinawan people have established a diet and exercise balance that results in extreme longevity and a population where obesity is exceedingly rare. Readers will learn the different types of foods consumed in the Okinawan diet, the ratios eaten each day, and the way it affects the body. It’s a diet that’s been validated by science.

Another Okinawa diet benefit is that even in their later years, Okinawans don’t exhibit the same levels of strength loss that commonly affects the elderly in other cultures or the disability rates. They often live to 100 years of age and remain active throughout their entire lifetime. One important factor is that Okinawans naturally eat an average of 20 percent fewer calories than other cultures and smaller amounts of protein.

In “Okinawa Diet,” Carestia explores the antioxidant-rich fruits and vegetables that are staples of the Okinawan people. The fruits and vegetables provide the vitamins and even trace minerals required for health, while meeting requirements for proper hydration. Low in fat and sugars, the diet also features seafood, but little meat.

In “Okinawa Diet: The Longevity Secret,” Carestia provides a comprehensive and thorough examination of the Okinawa diet, what it comprises, and its benefits for the body. Readers will learn how they can emulate the diet to help their body function effectively and live a longer, healthier life.

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