Great Ideas to Help You Declutter in Advance of Your Move

If you are like me, having a full clearing out of my space is a real treat. Perhaps the best time to engage in this type of activity is just before you move into a new home.  When you start to pack boxes, take the time necessary to think carefully about things to which you might be able to say goodbye. That way, you will not haul lots of excessive items to your new dwelling. You will have a small number of boxes to handle and your moving process will be less expensive.

Begin With a Plan

According to, the first step in executing an efficient declutter is to develop your plan well in advance. Make a calendar for when you will address each individual room of your home. Set real dates and stick to them. Of course, it is important to be realistic in terms of your time allocation. Some people may be able to get through their entire home in just a couple of days, and others will need several weeks to complete the process. Another thing to remember is that whenever you get tired, make it a point to stop. By pausing a bit, you can prevent yourself from abandoning the work altogether. Give yourself enough time to make smart choices and reduce the amount of stress you feel.

Concentrate on Infrequently Used Spaces

In terms of deciding where to begin the decluttering process, try first tackling rooms that are utilised the least. Rooms that see constant use are most likely to be the most cluttered, but probably with items that actually get used. The rooms you do not often use tend to collect things that do not have tremendous utility. Typical locations for these types of belongings are places like spare bedrooms, beneath stairs, the garage or outdoor sheds. Everyone has a spot such as this in their home, and it really is the best starting place. Keep in mind also that these spaces require additional allotments of time, because they may also hold keepsake items about which it can be tough to make decisions.

Continue the Wave of Decluttering After the Move

It is true that the bulk of your decluttering work will be completed prior to the move, particularly if you stay focused, but there is no reason to stop the trend after you reach your new residence. During the process of unpacking, it is a virtual certainty that you will discover additional items that you no longer need. Sometimes this is because your new space is unlike your prior one and does not require the same volume or type of furnishings. As such, it really does make sense to purge on both sides of the move. If you intend to purchase new items after the move, be certain to make donations of the old items so that clutter does not accumulate. A handy rule of thumb is that for every one new item you bring to the space, let go of two old ones. This is essential for living a clutter-free life.

Certainly, there will be items with which you simply cannot part, but for which there is no space in your new home. If this turns out to be the case, you may want to explore external storage options. No matter if you just have a few containers of important mementoes or lots of furniture you wish to save for later, there is a solution available. Storage centres exist in every part of the country for precisely this purpose. Availing yourself to this convenient option can go a long way toward keeping your new home free from burdensome clutter while allowing you to hang onto items that have sentimental, monetary or other value. Using a storage centre under such circumstances really does provide a win-win proposition for those who want to streamline their lives without sacrificing cherished memories.

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