Hair Transplant Turkey

Nowadays, hair fall is very common among men due to various reasons such as stress, medications, poor diet, improper lifestyle, etc. But the hereditary problem is one of the main causes for it. I, unfortunately, belong to a family who has been battling with hair fall and baldness for generations.

I am sharing with you my experience of hair transplant Turkey, the way this wonderful procedure transformed my life.

Hair fall, particularly at a beginning period of life, can truly inflict significant damage on ones’ general persona and physical appearance.

As male pattern baldness runs in my family, I took extra care of my hair, still, when I was around 25 I noticed severe hair fall. It really scared me as I was sure that I will soon turn bald.

I anxiously began surfing the net to find some cure for it and came across hair transplant as a permanent solution for hair loss; however, the exorbitant cost made me wary of this treatment.

So, I tried various other remedies for hair growth such as medications, oils and so on, but was not successful. I lost all hope when suddenly one fine day while surfing the web, I discovered an article about hair transplant. The article was about the advantages of hair transplant and how this surgery was a boon to people with scanty hair and baldness.

The article gave me a great insight into hair transplant procedure which I would like to share with you. Hair transplant is a surgical technique in which hair follicles from the posterior part of the scalp called the donor area are grafted in the area having baldness called the recipient area. Mainly, two types of methods are used namely, FUT (Follicular unit transplantation) and FUE (follicular unit extraction). Currently, FUE is in high demand as it uses modern techniques and causes less discomfort.

I researched every aspect of hair transplant and realized that it was excessively costly in the UK. I continued searching for more choices and discovered that Turkey is a famous destination for hair transplant. I proceeded with my exploration on hair transplant in Turkey and got in touch with a medical tourism organization which assisted in facilitating hair transplant procedures in Turkey.

To my surprise, they informed me that I could undergo the surgery in Turkey where the most advanced technology was being used at an incredibly low price when compared to what I would have to shell out in the UK. In the UK, one specific center gave me a quote of around 12000 Pounds, while hair transplant in Turkey was simply around 1500 Pounds.

As Turkey is nearer, traveling there was less expensive. Finally, I took an appointment with the specialists in Turkey for hair transplant and reserved my flight tickets. I was in contact with the medical tourism organization that helped me in fixing the appointment with the specialists in Turkey. The minute I arrived in Istanbul, it was an awesome experience; I was welcomed at the airport by a delegate designated for my treatment and guide me through the whole procedure.

Soon I met my doctor, who came across as a highly experienced and renowned hair transplant surgeon in Turkey.

He personally analyzed my hair condition and recommended the most advanced and minimally invasive FUE technique, to which I consented. Some basic tests were done. Before the surgery, I was given local anesthesia due to which I did not feel any discomfort. The entire surgery took around 5-6 hours.

The surgeon was content with the outcome of the procedure. No doubt Turkey is the best place for hair transplant. Following a day’s rest, I was on my flight back to the UK. The specialist in Turkey had informed me that it may take around 3-6 months for the new hair to grow and show results.

So far I am content with the result. I can see the hair growth and I update my Doctor in Turkey about my progress so that he is aware of my developments.

Presently, I can strongly recommend the option of hair transplant in Turkey to everyone. You are assured of getting the treatment done by reputed and experienced Doctors and dedicated staff. They use the most innovative and advanced technology and have excellent infrastructure, all this is available at a fraction of the cost. It is really beneficial visiting Turkey for hair transplant.

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