How To Calculate ROI For Animated Videos

Animated videos offer a highly effective way in which to convey what your solution or product does along with reaching an audience with highly engaging and accessible content. Yet, it doesn’t really matter how creative or engaging the video may be, your bottom line needs to be focused on converting a prospective audience into sales and leads.

In most cases, animated videos will be at the top part of your sales funnel or marketing. It is usually the content type that your business is able to share on different social media platforms or use as a basis for pay-per-click campaigns. Superior animated videos have the potential to accelerate sales cycles from prospects to leads onto sales.

In order to measure the ROI for your animated videos it becomes important to know where these videos are positioned in the marketing funnels. NRG Digital recommend using metrics for measuring ROI including the view numbers, click through rates and durations of these views. The click-through-rate will be measured by the amount of times the viewer clicked on the CTA as well as visited your landing page. It is these measurements that can give you the information needed about how engaging this content is. However, they are also dependent on making sure other things are also in place. These include:

1. SEO

When your animated videos are uploaded to YouTube or other video platforms, it has to be optimised correctly for the search engines. Google always ranks videos higher when compared to other content forms, but only when it has been optimised with relevant keywords in association to the video content.

2. Social Media

YouTube might help your prospects locating your video-content, yet it is recommended to make use of other channels in order to promote it actively to engage an audience with the brand, along with their associates and contacts. Make use of social media channels that you prefer to build up momentum around your animation and think about social-media advertising to expose your work.

3. Landing Page

Ultimately, you should have a goal of wanting your prospects to watch the video, followed by taking the step to click on the link, which will divert them to a relevant landing page. In general, your home page on your site is not the preferred place in order to direct your prospects, especially when the site offers various solutions or different types of target audiences. Rather make sure the landing pages are aligned and relevant with the content of the video. For example, utilize the same graphics and colours to ensure prospects will know they have reached the correct place.

How Will You Know if Your Animated Videos Are Having a Positive Impact on Your Sales?

In certain cases, you will know immediately, due to uplift in your sales which are not attributed to any of the other marketing or advertising activities.
Many companies are often engaged in many marketing activities, which is why it is important to find out whether your animation is in fact contributing to your sales figures. Factors that include directing the viewers to a specific landing-page from these videos can assist you in seeing whether the visits come from these specific activities. You are also able to use tracking-pixels that can assist in measuring your results.

Working Out Your ROI

Finally, you should be calculating your ROI. When you work out ROI for your animated videos, it requires totalling up all your costs and gains of this content followed by crunching this equation.

To calculate your gains, it will depend on the attribution model. For example. When the videos objective is to generate leads or raise awareness. The calculation needs to be based on what these factors are worth to the company.

You also need to gain an understanding about the investment costs. This is more than just the amount the video-production company charges. It could also include PPC campaigns, paid-distribution costs, the time spent by a social-media agency to promote your content and your internal resources.

In conclusion, obtaining ROI that is positive for animated videos also includes creating videos. Which engage target audiences as well as get your prospects to take the next step. In addition, you need to offer these videos with support by making sure targeted audiences. Making sure you find the correct channels where you can share these on, along with taking an approach that is proactive to recoup the investment along with maximizing your ROI, watch them.

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