How to Choose a Dentist in Burton

There are plenty of great dental practises in and around Burton, so choosing the best one does require a bit of thinking. Of course, you can easily go for the nearest dentist to your home, but given the wide selection of great dentists in Burton, there is plenty worth considering before making your decision.

After all, choosing the best dentist if often down to personal preferences, along with other aspects such as location, services, etc., which is why it’s important to take the time to choose the right dentist in Burton for your needs.

Don’t be restricted by your location

A great thing about dental practises is there is no need to register for one based on your residence. This means you can choose from any dentist in Burton, offering up plenty of great options to suit your needs and preferences.

Burton is a large town with many fine dental practises, so don’t feel pressured into choosing one that is closest to your home.

Of course, if location is the most important thing for you, then it’s probably worthwhile checking out the dentists closest to your home in Burton.

Surgery hours

An important factor when choose a dentist in Burton is their surgery hours. Dental practises have quite varying opening and closing times, so you will want to look for a practice that has suitable hours.

For instance, if you have children at school, then you will need a practice that is still open beyond school hours. Similarly, your working hours will also impact what times you can visit the dentist, so make sure the practise has surgery hours that work for you.

NHS or private?

Another very important part of choosing a dentist in Burton is whether they are a private or NHS dentist. Any NHS dentist will subsidise some of the costs of the treatments, meaning they are likely to cost far less than a private practice.

However, private dentists tend to have much smaller waiting times, while they also allow you to make appointments at much more flexible hours, such as later in the evening or at weekends. Also, you will likely enjoy longer appointments, allowing more focus on your treatment.

Of course, the prices of a private dentist will be significantly higher, so you’re certainly paying for any of the added benefits of a private practise.

Ask for recommendations

Friends and family a great way to find a fantastic dentist in Burton. People with a long-term dentist know exactly what they are like, how they work, prices they charge – basically everything you need to know to help choose a great dentist!

So, don’t be afraid to ask around for local recommendations! You will likely get some great choices this way, as it allows you to get a much better understanding about the dentist and their practise.


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