Office Design Ideas to Improve the Workplace

Modern offices are now being designed in such a way that they make a bold statement, and they have certainly gone away from the older designs such as an open plan with meeting rooms and private offices alike. Our article features some of the top creative designs for office spaces, which can be used to highlight an already existing space, or for simply creating a beautiful new workplace.

Provide Choice

Most modern workplaces are designed in such a way that they ensure that their workers have a high degree of choice when it comes to the space in which they collaborate and work as well as even unwind when away from their desks. When staff are empowered in this way, they can proactively decide where they prefer to work. This simply means that quieter spaces are used for concentration while creative spaces are geared to bring out great collaborative efforts, and relaxing spaces will definitely help them to unwind and destress as it also aids with increasing their productivity and general wellbeing.

Office Design Ideas – You should ensure that you do provide them with several space options away from their desk in which they can still work. As you review layouts and space plans, it is highly recommended that various dedicated spaces for relaxation, collaboration and concentration along with a traditional workstation are brought on, since they positively affect everyone within your workspace.

Maximise Natural Light

As of recent years, office spaces have started including biophilic designs; these designs not only look great but they are the main element when it comes to incorporating natural light where possible. These designs are highly advisable and should always be kept at their maximum. However, this is easily achieved when your desired space is effectively planned. This just simply means that certain key areas are placed where there is an optimal natural lighting source, however, be sure to include partitions which allow light filtering through your entire workspace.

Giving your office a makeover in a light inducing colour scheme can help to maximise the natural light.  Finding office painters and decorators in London can help with this.

Office Design Ideas – As you aim to maximise your natural lighting, don’t forget to prioritise. Research has indicated that when natural light is increased, it results in several positive impacts. These include concentration, creativity and mood, in addition, it will also improve the entire atmosphere of your workplace.

Utilise Dead Office Space

Typically, workplaces contain several dead spaces, such as under the stairs, corridors and even random places which are not used anymore. Keeping up with modern design trends, all of these little spaces are now being transformed in such a way that they are made into individual and even informal meeting places which maximises on your initial space.

Your Top Priority is Workplace Wellbeing

Even though all of the previously mentioned ideas create a positive effect on not only your space but your workers as well, there are numerous other things that designers can do to improve well-being. Some of these include the installation of sit-stand desks, taller tables to encourage meetings which are held while standing and even showers which go on to facilitate running to work and even cycling.

Office Design Ideas – A bike storage should be added for those who get to work by cycling. These spaces don’t take up much room and they can be included within any office space. Healthy snacks, coffee and tea, and fruits can be supplemented. In addition, some workplaces have even gone to the extent of scheduling special times for staff messages and even yoga.

The idea of designing for wellbeing isn’t new at all. However, as the competition for the best and efficient staff continues, companies are putting the most effort when it comes to creating a space that will brighten and increase productivity. In addition, colours and fancy artwork, as well as brand messages, are being incorporated into design since they make a huge impression on those in a desired space. It should be noted that the use of colour should be done as a representation of what a particular space should be used for.

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