Personal Possessions That Should Be Stored in a Fireproof Safe at Home

A Fireproof Safe for Your Home

Do you have a fireproof safe in your home and if not, why not? This is an important question that every homeowner or tenant should be asking themselves because home fires in the UK are more prevalent than you might think.

Home Fires in the UK

From 2015 to 2016 there were 38,827 fires in residential homes across Great Britain and a further 889 fires in Northern Ireland in 2015. Whilst we consider our possessions of minor importance when compared to the safety of the people present in a home during a fire, including our neighbours, we should take precautions to protect our important possessions from destruction by fire. Fire sprinklers are imperative as equally is sprinkler system maintenance but although these can save your home, your possessions may not be as safe.

Possessions to Protect from Destruction or Damage by Fire

Here are just 8 of the most important household items that should be protected from fire damage or destruction.

1. Passports

Although passports can be replaced it can be extremely inconvenient, especially if you have planned an important trip and can’t get a new passport issued in time. This can be particularly cumbersome if all your supporting documentation has also been lost in the fire.

2. Birth and Marriage Certificates

These are important documents that should be protected from fire as they often need to be produced. Applying for replacement copies is a hassle and a time-consuming process that can prove to be quite difficult.

3. House Deeds

House deeds are proof of ownership documents that should be kept safe as they will be needed when you sell your home.

4. Last Will and Testament

If you have lodged the original with your solicitor and kept a copy, the loss may not be as critical. However, it is nonetheless a document that should be kept safe in the home in case you need to review and amend it.

5. Insurance Documents and Investment Portfolios

There are so many insurance policies we need to keep safe in case we urgently need them, including home insurance and car insurance, income protection and critical illness insurance, holiday insurance, and many more. Investment portfolios should be stored in a fireproof safe to prevent their destruction.

6. Electronic Data Storage Devices

In this age of increasing digital storage, many people store important personal and sometimes business information in the form of backup copies on various data storage devices. These are critically important and should be protected from fire damage. A fireproof safe designed to safeguard such items from heat and damage is definitely an asset to any home.

7. Jewellery and Family Heirlooms

Many homeowners have jewellery and family heirlooms that have both sentimental as well as significant financial value. Whether it is a precious piece of jewellery left to you by your grandmother, your grandfather’s war medals, or your own expensive and sentimental jewellery, a fireproof safe is the only way to keep these treasured and priceless items safe.

8. Family and Wedding Photographs

Cherished photographs from the days before digital cameras were used and old photographs of family members that have been passed on over generations are irreplaceable. Even though we would like to have these precious items on display, the best way to prevent them from being destroyed in the event of a fire is to keep them in a fireproof safe.

We hope that the importance of the items listed above has alerted you to the loss and hassle a fire in your home can cause. A fireproof safe can make your document management a lot easier as well as protect your personal possessions from damage or complete destruction in the event of a fire. If the risk of fire has not caused you any undue concern before now, you may want to consider the practical and sentimental benefits of having a fireproof safe installed in your home.

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