SEO Trends to Expect in 2019

Another year has come and we are about to call it a wrap. With the developments that we have experienced in the past few months, this is probably the best time to prepare for the future. Between virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) and Blockchain and artificial intelligence, we could see substantial changes, making 2019 the biggest year for search engine optimisation yet. In this read, we are going to cover a few things that we think could be on the way according to industry experts.

Artificial Intelligence Will Revolutionise the Way We Do Keyword Research.

According to the head of public relations at SEMrush, Jana Garanko, AI will change the manner in which does keyword research and search engine rankings will mainly depend on private demographic data more than they do today. Garanko believes that artificial intelligence will become universal in the business world, thus forcing SEO specialists to find ways to gain knowledge on automation as well as machine learning.

She says that more and more people will utilise voice search and again, SEO experts will need to adjust to this relatively new method of searching. There is a significant difference between normal searches and voice queries and so, the keyword research process is highly likely to change.

However, when it comes to virtual technologies, she believes its integration into SEO will take a while. Yes, VR is starting to bring Sci-fi to life, but VR and AR are unlikely to affect SEO significant in 2019. However, it is only a matter of time and she believes this integration will become a reality in 5 to 10 years’ time.

This, in effect, will have an impact on the wider community and jobs are likely to change very quickly too with more digital opportunities arising reckons a recruitment expert at Stopgap.

Voice Search & Amazon Search Will Hamper Your Website’s Impressions

According to the Founder of Anvil, Kent Lewis, voice search, and Amazon search will be important trends next year. His prediction is that Amazon search will be the most significant trend in 2019. Over 55% of consumers start their searches regarding products on Amazon and not Google. Kenshoo can attribute this to a study. This is a substantial shift and one that cannot be overlooked. Amazon could be the next Google.

Kent ideally believes that voice search will be an essential trend in the manner that people search products and services, and believes the change will have its share of hurdles. When people use voice search, their queries differ substantially from how they write them. One of the most noticeable aspects is that voice search involves long tail keywords. As such, SEO specialists will need to adjust and create content geared towards answering long tail keywords.

VR and AR Will Have Sections in Organic Search

According to Yogesh Jain, the founder of Concept Allies, an India-based digital marketing firm, both VR and AR will substantially influence the organic search algorithms of Google. AR and VR are both promising for search engine marketing, both organic and paid. In 2019, the manner in which we search may not completely change, but these technologies will certainly change the manner in which marketers engage users, build links, and even generate leads via content marketing.

Yogesh ideally believes that content marketers will continue to make attempts to include video use in their strategies, and this will also be influenced by the utilisation of VR and AR. Content marketers are taking great strides to incorporate videos in their strategies and with VR and AR in the picture, they will certainly find ways to leverage them. Virtual reality and augmented reality can ideally replace infographics in search engine optimisation marketing.

Not to forget that Google tends to favour mobile-friendly sites and since VR and AR are becoming more and more mainstream, we might see the search giant adjusting their code and create a new engine section that is solely focused on virtual reality and augmented reality just like they did with images.

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