Top SEO Trends To Look Out For In 2019

You need to start preparing for the future right now. Many things expected in the SEO front for 2019. Augmented reality, block chain virtual reality, and artificial intelligence are a few things to be improved come next year and might change a lot in the business world. Below are a few predictions of what has to come in the SEO world as predicted by a few renowned professionals in the field, such as web design agency based in Basingstoke

Artificial Intelligence Will Bring Changes to Keyword Research

The head of PR at SEMrush, Jana Garanko, has predicted that AI will bring about many changes in keyword research. Actually, search engine rankings will now be dependent highly on private demographic data compared to what’s in place. In the business world, AI will become ubiquitous so the SEO experts need to grasp the knowledge of machine learning and automation first hand.

More people will start using voice search so the SEO experts need to adjust to it accordingly. Note that, voice requests differ from normal queries so the keyword research process will change too. With virtual technology, there is a belief that it might take some time before it’s integrated with SEO. Virtual reality technology will actually bring sci-fi movies into real life.

However, there is a doubt that augmented reality (AR) and VR will have an impact on search engine optimization any time soon. It will take a few years but within the next 5 or 10 years, such SEO tactics will actually become very common.

Amazon Search and Voice Search Will Impede the Impressions on Your Site

The President and Founder of Anvil, Kent Lewis, predicts that in 2019 Amazon and voice search will become more prevalent. Many consumers, at least 56% start their product search on Amazon rather than Google. It’s a huge shift forcing Amazon search to be recognized. It might actually transform into the new Google.

Also, voice search will become integral when consumers are searching for products or services, come 2019. However, there are a few challenges to be expected with this shift. For instance, writing out a search on the search engine and saying it aloud with voice search will be fundamentally different. Note that, voice search will produce many long-tail keyword searches. It might be tough optimizing these terms. Should people create new pages to address each long-tail keyword or is there need to create a hub page?

Vr and Ar Will Have Their Own Sections in Organic Search

The founder of Concept Allies, Yogesh Jain said that VR and AR would change the organic search algorithms relied on by google. Both AR and VR are very promising technologies for both organic and paid search engine marketing. In 2019, our searching preferences might not change entirely but the new technologies will change how we build links, generate leads, and engage users through content marketing.

Content strategists are poised to make great attempts when incorporating video into the strategies. Influenced greatly by the use of VR and AR. They are bound to find a few ways to leverage the new technology to meet their goals. Actually, there is hope that AR and VR will replace the role played by infographics in search engine optimization.

Currently, Google and other search engines are in favour of mobile-friendly websites. Therefore, Google might tweak the algorithm to favour sites with more mobile engagements. In addition, there is a chance they might come up with an entirely new search engine section that focuses on VR/AR, similar to what’s available for images.

In conclusion, search engine optimization is to be expected to change considerably in the New Year. However, with these few notable changes, search results are bound to be better than what is already there making sure that all customers are satisfied with the answers to their search queries. Whatever happens, SEO is changing, and everyone should be part of the change.

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