Who Won at the SAUSIES?

A few weeks ago, the SAUSIES awards happened and people throughout the UK voted on who they thought were the tastiest and least tastiest celebrities. The event, sponsored by the sausage brand Porky Lites, revealed the celebrities that the country thought were the tastiest and the ones who they thought were not that tasty.

Voting took place online. Thirteen contested categories was included, and this ranged from politics to TV to sport to radio. The things voters were asked to take into consideration included personality, looks and behaviour. And with that said, those who won included:

Phillip Schofield & Holly Willoughby From ‘This Morning’ Won Tastiest TV Duo

Holly and Phillip are hilarious and they were voted the tastiest TV duo. They beat Sandi and Noel of Bake Off, as well as popular couple Tess and Claudia from Strictly Come Dancing. It’s no secret that the chemistry between the talk-show hosts is impressive and why they won.

Tom Hardy: The Tastiest Male Celebrity

The actor, formerly a model, took easily won the tastiest male award. He won due to his good looks and the talent he possesses. Besides that, one voter pointed out that he loves animals.

Holly Willoughby: Tastiest Female Celebrity

What’s also not surprising is Holly took home a second award in the category of tastiest female celebrity. Stacy Solomon and Emma Willis were a close second, but Holly beat them both. One of the comments about her was regarding her gorgeous looks and her genuine personality.

Ben Shepard: The Tastiest Male Breakfast Television Presenter

The tastiest breakfast television presenter award went to Good Morning’s Ben Shephard, who edged out Piers Morgan. A third of the vote went to Shephard, with several consumers mentioning that he possesses good looks and a cheeky personality. Dan Walker from the BBC and Morgan tied for third place.

Susanna Reid: The Tastiest Female Breakfast Television Presenter

Susanna Reid from Good Morning Britain nabbed the award in this category, and one voter said she is an excellent interview. On top of that, she is funny and she is attractive, as well as having a lot of patience because she did have to deal with Piers Morgan. She also beat her co-workers to get the award, and they included Kate Garraway and Louise Minchin.

David Beckham: Tastiest Sportsman

Voters agree that Beckham still has it. He proved it when he was awarded this award. He beat out some big names too, and this includes Max Whitlock and boxer Anthony Joshua. One voter said he ages well and he still possesses good looks.

Dame Jessica Ennis-Hill: Tastiest Sportswoman

One of the most decorated athletes in Great Britain is Ennis. Now, she can add this award to the many titles she’s earned throughout the years. She is gorgeous and she’s also a great person to look up to.

Gordon Ramsay Took Home the Tastiest Male TV Chef Award

He may have a bit of personality, but he received this award. He received it after beating his rivals, who included both James Martin and Jamie Oliver.

Nigella Lawson Won the Title of Tastiest Female TV Chef

She may have disagreed with Dawn French over how they should serve scones, but she was still voted the tastiest female television chef. She scored the title due to her sex appeal and her attitude. What’s more impressive is she beat out names like Lorraine Pascale and Nadiya Hussain.

Theresa May: Tasteless Politician

Theresa May was voted by people as being the least tasty politician, and she beat out Jeremy Corbyn for the title, as well as Boris Johnson. One voter said May’s dance moves weren’t impressive. They continued to say that her moves would put any person off.

Katie Hopkins: Tasteless Celebrity

We’re not surprised that voters decided to crown Katie Hopkins as the most distasteful celeb around. She is a vile person, and she is extremely rude and she is a real toad, according to one voter. For the record, she beat out Piers Morgan for the title, as well as Katie Price, who placed second.

Congratulations to the ones who received the most tastiest awards in their respective categories, as well as the ones who were crowned being the most tasteless. Don’t worry, because there are 12 months to make things right with the great British public. As for whether or not they’ll actually do it, only time will tell. We’ll have to wait and see.

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